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Who is Esther Hicks?

Who is Esther Hicks?

Esther Hicks, and her late husband Jerry, have been participating in the Law of Attraction community before most people knew there was a Law of Attraction society. They were even a part of the original release of the movie “The Secret” detailing (albeit at a very high level) the Law of Attraction. This movie proved to be the entry point for millions to the concepts behind the Law of Attraction.

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Esther Hicks story isn’t exactly your normal Law of Attraction success story. In fact, it couldn’t be further from what you might expect. Esther hicks describes what she does as speaking to a “group of non-physical entities.”She refers to this “consortium” of voices from the beyond as “Abraham”. It is through this channeling that she brings real-world wisdom and “down to earth” (sorry, I couldn’t help it…) concepts that are elegant and easy to understand.

Many people find her method hard to swallow, but few find the actual lessons that way. One thing is for sure, Esther Hicks was detailing the tenets of Law of Attraction long before the movie “The Secret” and has helped thousands of people around the world embrace a life of positive living.

Some of the core concepts, taught by Esther Hicks are as follows:

  • Individuals are physical extensions of the non-physical.
  • People are in their bodies because they chose to be.
  • The basis of life is freedom; the purpose of life is joy.
  • People are creators; they create with their thoughts.
  • Whatever people can imagine is theirs to be, or do, or have.
  • Individuals choose their creations as they choose their thoughts.
  • Emotions indicate what people are creating, either consciously or subconsciously.
  • The Universe adores people; it knows their broadest intentions.
  • Individuals should relax into their natural well-being, and know that all is well.
  • Life is not meant to be a struggle, but a process of allowing.
  • People are creators of “thoughtways” on their unique “paths of joy”.
  • Actions and money are by-products of focusing on joy.
  • Individuals may depart their body without illness or pain.
  • People cannot die; their lives are everlasting.

(To read more about this, please visit Esther’s Wikipedia listing)

Over the years, the Esther, Jerry, & Abraham combination have proven to be quite the force in the Law of Attraction industry. With around a dozen books published, all getting amazing sales, the Hicks clan has proven to be quite business savvy. Even after the passing of her husband, Jerry, due to cancer, Esther still travels the country giving lectures and makes an annual cruise that devoted followers can mingle on.

If you are struggling to believe her story, you are missing the point. Esther (Abraham’s) teachings are about loving each other, realizing our existence is greater than just our individual selves, and that the creation of positive energy can improve everyone’s lives.

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